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A small Maya, Quechi,’ Belizean family business. We are passionate about cacao and grateful to all forms of life. Our mission here is to produce a magical, delicious and sustainable chocolate with great respect and care. If you are in Belize, you need to stop by in the quaint San Miguel village. We will be happy to show you around and have samples for you to taste.

Junajpu’ Farm

Our agroforestry farm lies in the foothills of the Maya Mountains, minutes away from the beautiful village of San Miguel. We involve planting a variety of crop species within a forest system creating a mature agroforest that will look like a rainforest, diverse and full of life, we believe that this system is ecologically balance and therefore there is no need in using and expensive synthetic materials.

You are the key to our dreams. Each purchase not just make this a reality for us but also support our farmers from whom we source our cacao beans.

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Martin is an amazing man that makes amazing chocolate with a heart felt touch! The cacao is grown with his families ancestry trees and then he makes the chocolate himself!

Jennifer Vickers


Martin has so much knowledge to share! We learned so much from our day with him. Highly recommend seeking him out if you are anywhere near his village!

Karen Benoit


Wonderful chocolate and an even better family!

Adam Resnick

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